Since the inception of the programme in 2006, an amount of R6.1 billion has been allocated in the Province for project implementation and R5.6 billion has been reported as expenditure on projects implemented. The 2011 Census report shows that the province has significantly increased the access to basic services. The current report indicate the following;


87,4% or 940 288 households have access to water

93,7% or 1 007 535 households have access to sanitation

89,6% or 963 382 households have access to electricity

50,5% or 542 709 households have access to refuse removal.


In its daily duties the department is guided by outcome 9. Aresponsive, accountable, effective and efficient local government and the following 7 outputs;


Output 1: Implement a differentiated approach to municipal financing, planning and support

Output 2: Improving access to basic services

Output 3: Implementation of the Community Work Programme

Output 4: Action supportive of the human settlement outcome

Output 5: Deepen democracy through a refined Ward Committee model

Output 6: Administrative and financial capability

Output 7: Single window of coordination


















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