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Responsive, effective, efficient and sustainable cooperative governance system.




To coordinate, support, monitor and strengthen an integrated cooperative governance system.






To provide political strategic management and administrative guidance and support to all the programmes of the Department.

To build clean, effective, efficient, response and accountable local government.

To strengthen partnerships between local government, communities and civil society.

To ensure that municipalities meet the basic service needs of communities.

To strengthen the institutions of Traditional Leadership to fulfill their mandate.

To exercise oversight and participate in the legislations by the provincial legislation.




20 November 2019 - COGTA obtains a sixth clean auit.

03 October 2019 - COGTA facilitates meeting for the payment of water service debts.

03 October 2019 -COGTA facilitates meeting for the payment of water service debts.

30 September 2019 - MEC calls on Traditional Leaders to adhere to land allocation.


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