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Responsive, effective, efficient and sustainable cooperative governance system.




To coordinate, support, monitor and strengthen an integrated cooperative governance system.






Efficient and effective administrative support provided to the Department.

Improved governance and performance in municipalities.

Improved Planning, development coordination and access to basic services.

Improved peformance of Traditional Councils.

Developed communities in areas of traditional leadership.




09 April 2021 - MEC urges communities to participate in IDP consultations.

07 February 2021 - Premier leads an entorage vist to damaged infrastructure.

02 February 2021 - COGTA mourns the death of Steve Tshwete Mayor.

27January 2021 - Media Advisory.

24 January 2021 - COGTA cautions communities to be careful of heavy rain.

21 January 2021 -OGTA cautions communities against possible flooding.

19 January 2021 - MEC presents outcome to the Bakgatla Ba Mocha chieftaincy.

03 June 2020 - MEC implores municipalities to develop plans for land to prevent invasion.



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